Al Bader Technical Services LLC

Al Bader Technical Services LLC – is established to provide reliable services that include Certification, Secondments for Oil Field and Industrial sections, Vendor inspection, NDE, Shop surveillance and Project Expediting. These services includes quality assurance services including vendor audits and engineering inspection of mechanical and electrical equipment at vendor’s works, complete quality surveillance at shop for Steel Fabrication & Piping …etc, Pre-shipment inspection and expediting at vendor’s works.

Al Bader Technical Services LLC Provides
• Shop Inspection
• Expediting
• Project Coordination
• Pre-shipment Inspection
• Vendor Surveillance
• Engineering Man Power Supply for Projects
• WPS & PQR Preparations
• Welder Qualification Test
• Painting / Coating Inspection
• Non Destructive Testing
– Ultrasonic Testing
– Magnetic Particle Testing
– Dye Penetrant Testing


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